Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Nov. 21 SFTC Picks

Zenit St. Petersburg Win
Texas wins by DD
Manchester City w/d
Paris- Saint German win
Auburn Tigers
USC 3 pointers made
Argentina w/d
Charlotte Bobcats
Orlando Magic
Kansas State DD
San Antonio Spurs
UNC wins by 20+
OKC Thunder
Kevin Durant points or tie
Minnesota Timberwolves
Chicago Bulls
New York Knicks
25 points or more
Phoenix Suns
Michigan Wolverines
Illinois Fighting Illini
Brooklyn Nets

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

November 20 SFTC Picks

1 goal of Fewer

Spartak Moscow W/D lose by 1

Marquette DD

Chelsea Win or Draw

Valencia W/D

Texas Longhorns

Texas a&M


UCLA wins by DD

North Carolina wins by DD

St. Louis win or single digit loss

Indiana wins by DD

Illinois wins by 15+

Sunday, November 18, 2012

November 19 SFTC Picks! #GreenYou

Confidence in      

Terek Grozny

Stoke City

Marquette Golden Eagles

Indiana wins by 20+

North Carolina wins by 20+ Points

Milwaukee Bucks

Texas A&M Aggies


San Antonio Spurs


Bears points from fgs+xPs or tie


Frank Gore

Kansas wins by DD


Yes 1+ offensive TDs scored in 3rd quarter


Illinois Fighting Illini

November 18 SFTC Picks


Cowboys Win by DD

Cincinnati Bengals

New York Jets

Washington Redskins

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Green Bay Packers

Falcons win by DD

Any other Result

Connecticut wins by 15+

Brad Keselowski

Tennessee Vols

Peyton Manning vs San Diego

Houston Dynamo W/D

Colts win or single digit loss

Ohio State wins by 15+

Brooklyn Nets

35 yards or more

NC State wins by DD

Baltimore Ravens

50+ yards

Murray State

Chicago Bulls

La Galaxy W/D

Field Goal Safety or No Score

Friday, November 16, 2012

November 17th SFTC Picks

Tottenham Hotspur

Michigan State


Michigan Winning Margin or Tie

4 tds or More

Washington wins by 20+ points


Georgia Tech wins by 15+

Clemson wins by 15+ points

Ohio State

Braxton Miller

Notre Dame wins by 25+


No interception thrown in 3rd quarter




Oklahoma wins by DD

Dallas Mavericks

Seton Hall

Kansas State wins by 15+ points

Oregon Wins by 20+

Yes, D. Thomas will score in First Half

4 TDs or more

Arizona Wildcats


Johnny Hendricks


NOVEMBER 16th SFTC Picks (More analysis to come)

Tennessee Vols
Confidence- (85%)

Colorado wins or single digit loss 
Confidence- (75%)

Confidence (70%)

NC State Winning Margin
I was super impressed by the way NC State handled Penn St. And very unimpressed by UMass win over Providence.
Confidence- (85%)

Oregon State.
They played a good game against Bama, just couldnt close on opportunities, I like Oregon St. here.
Confidence- (65%)

Dallas Mavericks
Confidence- (75%)

Confidence- (60%)
Stay away from this game, its a coin flip but since Bynum is still gone, i have to pick Jazz because of Millsap and Jefferson, they will destroy 76ers in the paint.

Paul Millsap Pts+Rebounds
Confidence (70%)

Confidence (85%)

Florida Atlantic Owls
Confidence (65%)
Battle to see who can be worse.

45 Points or More
Confidence- (80%)

Confidence (75%)

Memphis Grizzlies
Confidence (90%)

Trail Blazers
Confidence (60%)

Thursday, November 15, 2012

November 15 SFTC Picks #GreenMYStreak

Akron vs Oklahoma State
Odds- -2.5 OK State
Expert picks- 80.07% on OK State
OK State last W 73-65 UC Davis
Akron won last game heavily but Lost to Coastal Carolina in First game
Akron is without their top two forward (Harney and Treadwell)
With the suspension of Akrons two best forwards, Oklahoma State will dominate the paint and come out of here with a W. I think that this game will be close, but OK State will pull it out.

UNC-Asheville Win or Single Digit Loss
Tennessee Wins by DD
Odds- -11 Tennessee
Expert Picks- 75% Tennessee
Tennessee W 76-67 over Kennesaw State
UNC-Asheville L @ UNCWIlmington 59-67
UNC Asheville lost 4 starters last year, 3 that were 1000+ point scorers and it will be hard for them to pick up where they left off this early in the season against a solid Tennessee team. I feel the Tennessee team will win by 15 in this game.

Baylor Wins by 15+ Points 
Any Other Result
Odds- -13.5 Baylor
Expert Picks: 53.31% Baylor
It is hard to root for this Boston College team as they are predicted to finish last in the ACC this year. They are coming off of a terrible 9-22 season last year. Baylor on the other hand had a good season making it to the NCAA tournament before losing to Kentucky 82-70.

St.Johns Red Storm
Charleston Cougars
Odds: -2 Charleston
Expert Picks: 57.03%
If Obekpa plays the way he did against a stronger Detroit team, there is no way charleston wins this game. Even though he is a freshman, he has come in ready to play and completely overwhelmed Detroit the other day. Charleston is the favorite, but sampson cant play worse than he did on monday. St. Johns rolls to 5 point win.

NC State wins by 15+ Points
Any other result
Expert Picks: 68.77% NC State
Penn state has one solid player, Tim Frazier. NC State comes into the game being the 6th ranked team in the nation with hopes of reaching the final  four. Penn State barely beat a terrible St.Francis. NC State rolled to a 97-59 victory over Miami Ohio. I expect NC State to win this game by 25+, this will be a complete disaster for Penn State.

Oregon State
Experts picked Oregon State 50.21% of Time
Odds: Alabama by 2.5
Oregon State returns 4 starters with only Jared Cunningham being drafted, they could be a contender this year in the PAC 12 if there backcourt can create production. Alabama on the Other hand just battled a good South Dakota team and beat them 70-67. I think that facing a tough team early in the year is going to benefit bama. this game will be close, but i am going to take Bama barely beating the Beavers.

North Carolina
Experts picked North Carolina 66% of time
North Carolina favored by 3.5
Bryn Renner will continue his great year and Help the Tar Heels to a victory. I am picking North Carolina to win by 10.

64 or fewer
65 or more

Providence Wins or Single Digit Loss
Massachusetts Wins by DD
Vincent Council, Providences best player is out, although UMass hasnt played good this year and i really dont see them winning by DD, or even winning this game. Im picking Providence

Boston Celtics
@ Brooklyn Nets
Rajon Rondo is a game time decision for this game and either way, Brooklyn is playing good basketball and are going to be hard to beat at home. Boston has been inconsistent thus far this year and this game really is a tossup. STAY AWAY, i flipped my coing and it lands on Brooklyn

New York Knicks
San Antonio
The San Antonio spurs are going to be trying to put the pieces together after just barely beating the Lakers on Monday, but that being said, the Spurs tough at home and this will be the Knicks first loss of the season. Spurs by 8. Carmelo needs to drop 40 for the spurs to lose to the knicks.

STAY Away from this game, it could really easily go either way. I am picking the Dolphins.

Yes: Field goal made in 3rd quarter


Miami Heat 
they will come back after a hard loss to the clippers wednesday night. They just want to get this road trip over with and head back to Miami.